NFT has a high and stable value

With the support of the underlying technology, the NFT applied developers and enthusiasts must abstract the intrinsic and use value of NFT as much as possible. Based on these historical data, they need to encrypt and write down the fundamental logic, then conduct the product design. Works or NFT assets are created through such concepts and can form better than the consensus
As NFT’s value discovery mechanism matures and is widely used in the community, NFT can create more financial transaction scenarios such as mortgages, loans and leases. Stakes as an example: when NFT is widely used as a stake token, the value generated after staking should be equal to the sum of its intrinsic value and use value. This NFT + DeFi model makes the value of NFT more scientific and stable, increasing the win rate in the market game.Just like cryptocurrency, although the market fluctuates constantly, the advantages brought by decentralized currency and its financial properties have been highlighted. In order to stay high in the market game, NFT players should practice discovering the value and application of NFT instead of indulging in “prosperity” brought by many new concepts and hype.

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