Whether NFT becomes a new investment trend?

2 min readSep 11, 2021

It is sure that people are doubting that NFT will become a phenomenon like Bitcoin, won’t it? NFT is just a digital asset. We can completely download the same painting from the internet. So, why people are ready to spend millions of dollars just to have ownership of such a painting.

Why a man spent nearly $70 millions to buy a “not-so-beautiful” painting from the internet to just prove that they owned such a painting. In order to explain this case, there are quite hypotheses put forward.

The simplest reason to explain is that maybe such a man is too rich and he wanted to experience the unique feeling when owning a painting that nobody has. There are people who spent dozains of money to buy a painting. They simply just felt “excited” when such painting was hung on the wall. Most likely there are reasons behind this. Maybe this is a “hitch” to promote the NFT market.

It cannot deny the fact that spending $70 million to buy a painting from the internet created a strong wave in the community and drew the attention of many people including those who have not known anything about NFT yet, and after being approached, managed to find it out. Once more people know and recognize NFT, NFT’s value will be increased.

NFT in the future will most likely become a new investment trend as NFT’s features are really interesting and completely different from cryptocurrencies and NFT’s apps bring many different values

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